What We Do


Brooke USA is determined to do whatever it takes to ensure that the right elements are in place for working horses, donkeys and mules to be healthy and happy now and in the long-term.

Brooke USA exists to support the overseas work of its parent organization, the Brooke, around the globe to improve the welfare of these important animals.

Through a world-wide staff of approximately 1,000 (primarily nationals), the Brooke currently operates in 11 countries across Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. We also fund small initiatives for other charities which are assisting working equine animals in Peru, Mongolia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, The Gambia, and Colombia.

We have a long and highly successful track record of effective programs, presenting solutions that even the poorest owners can utilize to benefit their animals and themselves.



In keeping with our strategic objectives, the Brooke underpins its work with scientific evidence.

Undertaking and funding research projects is an integral part of our work and is used to ensure that improvements to the welfare of working animals is based on the best available qualitative and quantitative evidence. Research findings are used to increase the effectiveness of Brooke programs, informing policy and enabling resources to be allocated appropriately and efficiently.

The Brooke aims to ensure that all Brooke-funded or supported research follow these objectives:

  • To tackle issues relevant to working equine welfare identified principally by working with animals and their owners and communities.
  • All research is carried out with responsibility to the animals and people involved.
  • All research aims to produce results that are practically applicable to the Brooke’s work.
  • Research is efficient, ensuring no duplication of effort or resources.

The Brooke uses a range of methods and approaches to answer field-based questions concerning animal welfare.  In particular we encourage participatory methodologies with the equine-owning communities.  By involving owners in carrying out research, we incorporate existing knowledge into research projects which will lead to research findings being easier to implement by the people using them.

At the University Level

Donors make it possible for the Brooke's mobile veterinary teams to travel to communities, providing free veterinary treatment where it is needed most, and to train owners and other local people how to provide the most effective care for their animals.


At the Community Level

With the help of donors, the Brooke also undertakes groundbreaking, practical research to reveal the best solutions for reducing animal suffering . We apply unique and proven methods developed with Bristol University Veterinary School in the UK and other leading equine researchers.