Filipe and Chikita

How we're helping animals and their owners in Guatemala

Filipe was on his way home with his mule Chikita after a hard day's work carrying firewood. But Chikita began to walk more and more slowly and was clearly in pain. Filipe stopped to take a look, but didn't know what the problem was. He was worried because the family depended on Chikita to earn a living.

Luckily Marco, a vet working for our partner in Guatemala, was driving by and spotted the pair. He examined Chikita and found that she had a stiff and painful knee joint. She must have slipped on the hillside and injured herself.

Marco explained that Chikita would soon recover with some rest and pain relief. By sticking to the paths and walking slowly they could avoid further injuries. Filipe learned other valuable tips on how to care for Chikita and agreed to go to a local community training session on hoof care.

Community clinics, like the one Filipe went to, make a long-term impact on the way owners care for their animals - from correct handling to identifying and treating basic health problems. Thank you for helping Chikita and animals like her.