August 2017 Newsletter: A Better Life for Animals in Peshawar

In the brick kilns of Peshawar, Pakistan, animals work for up to 14 hours a day, with nowhere to rest, no shelter from the sun, and not enough to drink.

Brooke worked with the kiln owners and the animal owners to help them understand what the animals needed, and that by helping the animals they would also be helping themselves. So everyone worked together to build two new sheds. Before long, the equines moved into airy sheds with a space reserved for feeding and a supply of water. Word soon spread and similar sheds sprang up at 16 nearby kilns.

Today, almost every ...  MORE >>

June 2017 Newsletter: Progress in Senegal

Brooke has been training many entire communities in Senegal to improve equine welfare.

Ablaye Cor lives in Senegal with his horse that he uses for agriculture and transportation of goods. “The horse has done a lot for me, he helped me build my house,” he said.

Before he attended Brooke training (funded by donors),  Ablaye didn’t ...  MORE >>