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Eye Gee Designs

Fine jewelry inspired by the strength, beauty and grace of the horse

"Is there anything more beautiful than a horse? They are expressive, graceful, powerful, and serene. They mesmerize us with their movement. As an artist, my challenge is to convey something of their essential nature in my work, so it touches a chord in you. I want my jewelry to be more than a beautiful adornment; I want it to be something you wear that makes you feel you're sharing a deep part of who you are with the world." 

- Irene Greenberg, Designer

PonyUP! Kentucky

Equestrian Fashion with Purpose and Passion

The Brooke will receive a donation equal to 10% of your purchase when you include “Brooke” as the promo code on your order!  

In addition, 100% of PonyUP’s profits go to help retired and rescued horses through a variety of equine charities.  

PonyUP! purses, travel bags, totes and handbags all include shoulder straps made from real horse halters, with brass fittings. 

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