New Brand

Our new look

To reach and help more working horses, donkeys and mules, we first need to be better known and understood by more people and organisations.

Our new brand 

1. Why are we rebranding?

We're rebranding to get Brooke/BrookeUSA better known and better understood by a broader range of people for two key reasons:

  1. To inspire more people to support us. If we can grow our income, we can fund more work and reach many more of the world’s most vulnerable working horses, donkeys and mules.
  2. To work in partnership with other international partners and organisations so we can make our money go further and reach more animals. Some organisations that don't know us very well assume that we are a ‘fluffy animal charity’. We know this is not the case. Our new brand better represents the reality of who we are and what we do so we can be seen as a credible partner.

2. Why is a brand so important?

People cannot support, give to or talk about a charity they have never heard of or don’t understand what they do.

Our brand is what people think, feel and say about us. The most frequent words about Brooke from the Charity Awareness Monitor were not like the real us at all!

  • old
  • quiet
  • boring
  • traditional

And when people who don’t know us looked at our old logo they found it unclear and asked:

  • “Do they rescue racehorses?”
  • "Are they on Dartmoor?”
  • “Is it a donkey sanctuary?”

It was clear that we had to change.

3. Why are we rebranding now?

  • Our last rebrand was about 11 years ago. We have to change with the times because charities need to work hard to get noticed and inspire more support.
  • Our last rebrand helped us substantially raise our income and help more animals. We are confident this one will do the same.
  • It’s about staying relevant in today’s world so we can raise more money and be here for the next generation of working horses, donkeys and mules.

4. Why did you change the logo?

A logo helps people understand at a glance who you are and what you do. Given the feedback we had on our logo (“quiet”, “old”, “boring”, “do they rescue racehorses?”), we needed something that was instantly descriptive of what we do, as well as modern and confident. This is why we’ve added a strapline (“Action for working horses and donkeys”) to the logo. The words together with the image tell the story of what we do succinctly.

Feedback from the research groups on the new logo included

  • “action is really important, it says they’re doing something”
  • “I like that the animals are moving from darkness to light”
  • “it’s bold and eye-catching.”

5. Our new strapline

The first things that we want others to know about us are:

  • We are not a sanctuary and we don’t rescue animals. We take action in lots of ways to make the animals' lives better without taking them away from their owners and ruining families' livelihoods.
  • The animals we help are working. Not wild, not pets. Working animals are rare in the UK and the US now and people forget they still exist in their millions and are essential assets to poor people around the world, so we wanted to emphasize 'working'.
  • Different types of animals are used by people for work but we specialize in horses, donkeys, and mules. We decided not to include mules in the strapline simply because it made it too long. The main aim was to emphasise equine animals as separate from oxen, camels, etc.

6. Who decided on the new logo and strapline?

Several different logos and straplines were researched with existing Brooke supporters and potential new supporters. We held around 20 focus groups across the UK at several stages of the brand development. We also ran online and one-to-one research with people from other charities and institutions we want to work with.

The findings from this research were presented to our team in the UK who chose their preferred logo and strapline based on the evidence. We then checked with colleagues throughout the global Brooke network to make sure they were comfortable with the new logo and strapline and that it was suitable for the countries where they are based, including the United States.

7. Wouldn’t the money be better spent on working horses and donkeys?

The only reason we’re rebranding is so we can do more for the world’s most vulnerable horses and donkeys.

As well as reaching out to more animal lovers, we are also reaching out to people who support international development and telling them more about the vital role of working horses and donkeys. Our aim is to help people understand that working horses, donkeys, and mules are a major cause worth caring about.