Horse Heroes Give

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Thanks to donors like you, we're closing in on our $1 million goal for 2017.

Thanks to donors like you, we're closing in on our $1 million goal for 2017.

"For the sake of any animal you have ever loved, I implore you to help carry on this great and needful work
for suffering animals whose lives are ones of unremitting toil."    
--Dorothy Brooke, Founder

Old Bill

$25 in Memory of WWI Horse Hero "Old Bill," to Help Today's Faithful Equine Servants – This donation could alleviate suffering by providing items such as blankets for working equines in snowy mountains or grooming tools for poor owners to use to keep their animals healthy and to strengthen the bond between animals and owners.

Military Mares

$50 in Memory of WWI Military Mares to Help Today's Working Mares and Foals – This donation could alleviate suffering by providing access to Brooke-trained veterinarians to bring vital support to hard-working mares and their newborn foals. It could also help the owners to have a better understanding of the needs of moms and new babies to give them both the best chance for a good life.

Military Mules

$100 in Memory of WWI Military Mules, to help Today's Working Mules - This donation could prevent suffering by providing pain relief for wounds and damaged joints and antibiotics to treat infections in animals who work in harsh environments such as brick kilns and coal mines.

Cavalry Horses

$250 in Memory of WWI Cavalry Horses, to Help Today's Mounts – This donation could provide training for a veterinarian or local animal healthcare provider to set up a veterinary practice or provide farrier services. It could include the equipment and skills needed to make sure an entire community's animals enjoy the best possible health.

Military Ambulance Horses

$500 in Memory of WWI Military Ambulance Horses, to Help Today's Mobile Veterinary Clinics - This donation could help to keep our mobile veterinary units on the road year-round to each animals even in very remote areas where no other help is available. We also set up our mobile vet units on busy city streets where large numbers of animals are likely to need our free services.

Military Supply Horses and Mules

$1,000 in Memory of WWI Military Supply Horses, to Help Today's Supply Horses – This donation could help us teach owners about the perils of overloading their animals. It could help to stock one of our static veterinary clinics where poor owners can bring their animals for free treatment, and where animals are able to spend a few days recuperating.

Wounded War Horses and Mules

$2,500 in Memory of Wounded WWI War Horses, Mules  to Help Today's Wounded Working Equines - This donation could alleviate suffering by teaching owners how to prevent problems from occurring. It could help Brooke veterinarians to pass along their knowledge and skills to owners and service providers so they are able to treat many of their own animals' problems when veterinarians are unavailable. 

Dorothy Brooke's Legacy

$5,000 in Memory of Dorothy Brooke to Continue Her Legacy - This donation could help to ensure our sustainable programs are advanced throughout entire communities to create long-term welfare improvements for hundreds of animals at a time, benefitting hundreds of families.  With this gift you will be invited to join the exclusive Dorothy Brooke Society. For more information, please contact Emily Dulin, Executive Director, Brooke USA: 305-505-6170

Be a Horse Hero - Honor a Horse Hero

Donate any amount- This donation can honor or memorialize a special person or pet; someone who loves horses, your veterinarian, your first pony, a military veteran, a horse from history, a favorite literary or movie horse,  or simply because you want to honor our country's Horse Heroes by helping today's working horses and the people who depend on them around the world.