$22 could buy Grooming Kits – Grooming kits help prevent sores caused by sweat and grit rubbing the skin, and hoof issues such as thrush – which if untreated can lead to lameness.  Grooming also soothes and relaxes the animals, and helps the animals and owners form a stronger bond.

$14 could buy First-Aid Kits – First-aid kits contain bandages, antiseptic cream and painkillers. These kits will help owners to treat their own working animals on the spot as soon as injuries occur, to reduce pain and help prevent infections.

blanket introduced by project

$30 could provide Warmth for a Weary Animal  - For many horses, donkeys, and mules there's no respite after a hard day's work. When they turn for home they are left to spend the night outside in the cold. This can lead to complications like respiratory problems.  Your gift could buy comforting, cozy blankets and ensure working animals are protected from bitter temperatures after an exhausting work day.

$43 could buy a Portable Water Trough – Hardworking animals enjoy lifesaving water wherever they are with portable water troughs.  High temperatures can quickly lead to animals suffering from heat stress and dehydration.  A portable water trough is easy to transport and can keep animals rehydrated and refreshed, even in the most remote areas.

$46 could provide Care and Comfort for a Mother and Foal - Give a newborn foal and its mother the very best care at this vulnerable time in their lives. This gift could provide medicine, treatment and follow-up care from a Brooke vet, and training for the owner to have a better understanding of the care that both animals need during this stage in their lives!

$50 could buy Saddle Packs – Animals receive relief from their heavy loads with saddle packs that are made in the communities where they work.  Animals such as those who work at brick kilns or construction sites need quality saddle packs to help prevent painful sores caused by heavy loads rubbing against their skin.  Saddle packs offer much-needed protection, padding and comfort to working animals.

$54 could help an Old Brick Kiln Donkey - Bring urgent relief to an old, tired donkey by helping our vets clean and treat their wounds, offer a place to stay in one of our static veterinary hospitals while recuperating, and pass on important skills to owners to prevent any further harm!

$61 could provide Cooling Shade - In some countries where we're working, temperatures can climb well over 100 degrees.  We show communities how to build vital shade shelters for their animals and teach them how to maintain those shelters for the long term. This ensures that animals always have a place to rest and cool off for a while during and after their busy work days!

$74 could provide Many New Shoes – We equip local farriers with training and a kit full of essential equipment to ensure that local working animals have pain-free feet for many years to come!

$106 could stock Medicines for a Vet Clinic - Our highly skilled overseas veterinarians need lifesaving medicines so they can treat sick, wounded and injured horses, donkeys and mules in our static veterinary clinics. Our teams can help working animals for miles around, as well as passing on essential skills to their owners!

$163 could stock an Equine Ambulance for Two Weeks– Our mobile veterinary teams are always on the road so they can treat sick and injured animals quickly and effectively, wherever the animals are working.  Many animals could benefit as our team will have all the supplies and medicines they need to deliver urgent medical treatment even in the most remote villages! 

$1,000 Could Provide a Better Life for Coal Mine and Brick Kiln Animals

Help us accomplish more goals such as working with the owners of some of the most hazardous environments – like the scorching heat of India's brick kilns; the deep, dark, and damp coal mines of Pakstan; or the altitude and treacherous terrain of Nepal's slate mines – to improve the working conditions for the animals who are laboring under enormous physical and mental strain. 

By helping these animals and improving their living and working environments, the people who are working alongside them will also benefit.

  Learn more about our work with equines in coal mines and brick kilns

$15,000 could Build a Permanent Water Trough - Many working animals are suffering in a chronic state of dehydration.

Not only does this cause tremendous suffering, but it can lead to death, which will cause economic devastation for their owners. 

A permanent community water trough can be built where thousands of working equines have access to it (and in some cases camels and cattle too), so that many hot and thirsty animals can drink clean water-- keeping them healthier, stronger, happier, and able to continue their very important jobs! 

You could also hold a fundraising event or put a "water trough syndicate" together to fund one!

Learn more about donating a permanent water trough.

"From this community of suffering I have never tried to withdraw myself.  It seemed to me a matter of course that we should take up our share of the burden of pain that lies upon the world."  -- Dr Albert Schweitzer